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Catering Services

Using locally sourced ingredients, we strive to give you and your guest a truly authentic taste of Maine. We take pride in being able to support other local Maine businesses while simultaneously providing a unique and elevated dining experience. From our specialty curated charcuterie platters and elegant individual cups; we have a variety of catering options designed to work within everyones budget.

Our grazing boards and charcuterie cups come with a variety of meats, cheeses, jams and spreads for the main portions. We then fill out the board with fresh fruit and vegetables, pickled vegetables, dried fruit, mixed nuts and something sweet! All of our boards and cups come with locally sourced and sliced baguettes as well as crackers. Since we work primarily with local small batch and seasonal vendors, we can't guarantee and specific product. It is all subject to availability. That being said, you're welcome to check out the "A La Carte" portion of our website which will give you a look into all the product we've had access to since we've started operations. If you'd like to pick out products from that list we'll do our absolute best to source those!


We keep our pricing as simple and straight forward as possible. All pricing is based on total head count and location of the event.

Food - $14/person

Prep - $50/hour

Service - $50/hour (travel time included)

Add On's


Along with our main options; we also offer a few add on options to elevate the services or cater to dietary restrictions.

Gluten Free Crackers - $5/person (based on however many of your guest require gluten free options. No minimum!)

Vegan Products - $5/person (based on however many of your guest require vegan options. No minimum!)

For our vegan products we currently offer mushroom pate, cashew hard cheese, cashew ricotta and beet/garlic hummus. 

1979 VW Bus - $100/hour

We also offer to have our beautifully renovated 1979 VW Bus onsite as a service station. We attach a piece of live edge wood to the side which acts as either one of the large grazing boards or a service station for the individual charcuterie cups. With our wedding signage hanging above, our VW Bus is an easy way to make our already elevated services the center piece and talking point of your cocktail hour! 

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